UMass Amherst 44th Annual Community Tree Conference


The University of Massachusetts - Amherst will be hosting their 44th Annual Community Tree Conference this February 28th as a virtual event. This conference will focus on community forestry in changing times with a focus on climate, sustainability, and environmental justice. At 10:30 AM, David Meshoulam, Executive Director of Speak for the Trees, Boston, will ...


High School Seniors Produce Documentary Film, Plants Through the Pavement


The Class of 2023 at Four Rivers Charter Public School has just completed a documentary film on the complex challenges of cities to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The film, Plants Through the Pavement: Green Space Inequity in Boston, explores the concept of urban wilding;  the history, preservation, and future promotion ...


Nookomis Giizhik: My Grandmother Cedar


In Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) worldview, Nookomis Giizhik holds our world in balance. She is present at all of our ceremonies and surrounds us our entire lives. One of her names is Nookomis, my grandmother. Register below to come learn about this amazing being from speaker Wendy Geniusz, and, perhaps, start to see the world through a ...