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The Big Old Trees project identifies, documents, and captures information about large older trees (Big Old Trees) in the City of Boston that merit special recognition because of their age, size, form, and/or historical-cultural associations. Also known as Legacy Trees or Heritage Trees, they are generally significantly larger and older than the average trees in the landscape. 

First a Big Old Tree tour of Boston 


Willow tree, Fort Hill tower in Highland Park

Address: 20 Fort Ave, Boston, MA

Common Name: Willow

Scientific Name: Salix Alba

DBH: 52 in.

Circumference: 163 in.

Height: 42 ft.





201-211 River St, Boston, MA 02126

Common Name: Swamp White Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus bicolor

DBH: 42 in.

Circumference: 132 in.

Height: Unknown


East Boston

Hyde Park


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