Big Old Trees Program

The bigger the more shade....

What is a Big Old Tree?

The Big Old Trees project identifies, documents, captures, and celebrates large and significant trees in the City of Boston. These trees merit special recognition because of either their age, size, form, or historical-cultural associations. Sometimes called Legacy Trees or Heritage Trees, these trees are generally significantly larger and older than the average trees in the city.

Please note: This program does not provide any additional protection or funding for care of these trees.

Find a Big Old Tree Near You

Some Big Old Trees of Boston

Willow tree, Fort Hill tower in Highland Park
Address: 20 Fort Ave
Scientific Species: Salix Alba
Diameter at Breast Height: 52 in.
Height: 42 ft.

Ginkgo, Street Tree
Address: 31 Tonawanda Street
Scientific Name: Ginkgo biloba
Diameter at Breast Height: 41.5 in.
Height: 93.7 ft.

Swamp White Oak, Boston Public Health Commission
Address: 201-211 River Street
Scientific Name: Quercus bicolor
Diameter at Breast Height: 42 in.
Height: Unknown

Willow, East Boston Memorial Park Baseball Field
Address: East Boston Memorial Ballpark
Scientific Name: Salix Alba
Diameter at Breast Height: 46 in.
Height: Unknown

Pin Oak, Fairview Cemetery
Address: 45 Fairview Ave
Scientific Name: Quercus Palustris
Diameter at Breast Height: 44 in.
Height: Unknown


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