Tree Giveaways

Tree Giveaways: Growing our urban canopy one tree at a time

At our Boston Tree Giveaway events, we distribute young, resilient trees that will thrive in our city. By planting a tree, you become part of a movement to transform Boston into a greener, more equitable city, leaving a legacy of green for generations to come. At these events, every resident has the chance to contribute to the health of Boston’s tree canopy.

How Do Trees Do This?

Trees are vital for our well-being: they filter the air we breathe, acting as nature’s purifiers, reducing air pollution and keeping our lungs clean and healthy. In the summer they act as air conditioners, cooling our urban spaces during sweltering summer days. And during rain storms they keep our basements, rivers, and oceans clean by absorbing storm water runoff.

Trees also build strong communities by bringing together neighbors and creating lasting bonds. They improve our mental health, reduce stress, and add an undeniable touch of beauty to our city’s landscape.

Graphic created by The Nature Conservancy.

See Where Our Trees Have Gone

See below our interactive map view showing where our trees have been planted across Boston over time:

Map created by Geospatial Analysis Tisch Summer Fellow, Chad Fisher (July 2023) and powered by ArcGIS esri.

What to Expect at Our Tree Giveaway Events

Every spring and fall we organize two or three tree giveaway events, so there are plenty of opportunities to join in on the fun. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a first-time planter, our friendly and knowledgeable team will provide guidance on how to select and plant the right tree for your home. You’ll get to choose from a carefully curated selection of tree species that are perfect for our Boston environment.

How to Get Involved

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of something incredible. Join us at the next Boston Tree Giveaway Event and get ready to dig in!

By taking home a tree and planting it in your yard or neighborhood, you’re making an impact for the health and future of Boston. Your efforts matter, and together, we can work to turn Boston into a thriving urban forest.

You can use the tools below to learn more about how these trees have benefited our community:

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and come on out to our next Boston tree giveaway event


A special thank you to our sponsors…

… and to our community partners

As the 250+ trees we're giving away in 2024 grow, they will save residents over $1,000,000 through

  • +515+

    Tons of carbon sequestered

  • +4933+

    MWh of electricity conserved

  • +829+

    1,000s of gallons of storm water runoff avoided