Tree Stories

Our trees have stories to tell - join us in sharing them.

Our tree stories connect us

We are creatures of stories and of trees. The tree stories here serve to connect us each other, to our neighborhoods, and to our planet.

We find trees in nearly all cultures: from the Legend of the Cedar Tree to the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden; from Celtic tree spirits to Buddha sitting under a Bodhi tree. In their many forms, trees serve to bring us together.

At Speak for the Trees we’re gathering and sharing Bostonians’ stories about our trees. Some stories are sweet, others are sad. Like all stories, these tree stories join us together in our shared humanity. Through them, we aim to develop deeper understandings and appreciations for our neighbors and for our shared destiny.

Have a tree story to tell? It can be a photo, poem, drawing, or another form of media. Send it to us using the form below.

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