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Eager to learn more about the best way to select, plant, and care for trees? On this page we’ve curated a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you connect, learn, and take action for a greener future.

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Identifying Trees

Curious to to know what type of tree you’re looking at? Below are some resources that might help you identify the specific species of trees in your yard or street.

Learn About the Benefits of Trees

Trees are community builders. They create green spaces where families and friends gather, fostering a sense of belonging and happiness. Their shade provides relief on hot days, making our neighborhoods more comfortable places to live. They also absorb pollution from the air and reduce stormwater runoff, keeping our air and rivers clean.

And explore these tree tools that measure tree benefits:

How to Site your Tree

Want to plant a tree? Make sure you find the right place for it.

Some questions to ask yourself when looking to plant a tree include:

  • How big is the tree going to get?
  • How far should I plant the tree from my home’s structure?
  • What’s going to survive here over the long term?
  • What’s local and native to my community?
  • Which tree species specializes in the tree benefit I’m most interested in?

How to Select your Tree

There are hundreds of different species to choose from. Take some time to use the resources below to help you decide which tree you want:

How To Plant Your Tree

Selected your location and the tree? Now you’re ready to plant! Below are some resources to guide you through the planting process:

Learn How to Care for your Tree

Congrats, you’ve selected your site, your tree, and now it’s planted! But, to ensure that your tree survives and thrives, it needs proper care. Some best practices include the mulching, pruning, and watering of your tree. The type of care necessary may vary depending on the species of your tree and the time of year.

Watch the video below by Leaf & Limb for a visual walk-through of best practices:

And read through these two plant care outlines for more in-depth information:

Some Local Tree Resources

Get connected with the urban forestry organizations in the Boston area:

Some National Resources

Check out the Alliance for Community Trees‘ Member Directory to find a group near you: