Our Work

Founded in 2018, our mission is to increase the size, health, and equity of Boston’s urban forest, with a focus on underserved and under-canopied neighborhoods. Below are some examples of our impact in bringing Tree Equity in Boston.

Volunteers at Sherrin Woods tree planting event. Photo: Speak for the Trees

Trees matter—for public health, for environmental justice, for adapting to climate change

At Speak for the Trees, Boston, we care about trees because they care for us. We work at the intersection of environmental justice, racial and social equity, public health, and climate change, to advocate for a healthy and equitable urban forest in Boston. We recognize the inequities of tree canopy coverage and believe that trees are a vital component of developing, building, and maintaining healthy and vibrant communities.

We work at the community level to build trusting partnerships that honor local experiences, perspectives, and goals

We recognize that trees can be complicated and disputed organisms. We work to develop relationships between communities, residents, and trees as a tool to strengthen and develop resilience in its many forms, whether it be social, economic, or environmental.

  • Our tree giveaways and tree plantings empower residents to become stewards for their communities, connecting them to their space and their place on earth.
  • Our Teen Urban Tree Corps builds the next generation of environmental advocates and tree stewards for a green and hopeful future.
  • Our advocacy work protects trees and forested natural areas threatened by challenging urban conditions and the encroachment of development.

We invite you to help grow and maintain Boston’s urban forest by signing up for our newsletter, volunteering, or donating

Support Boston’s resilient future by joining our efforts.

  • Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed about our events, our actions, and our opportunities to learn.
  • Volunteer with us by planting, watering, and caring for trees in your neighborhood.
  • Donate today and help us grow our movement – and our forest.

We partner with local and national organizations

Our forest is made up of a diverse array of trees, people, and organizations. We partner with local groups, including:

We also work closely with state and national organizations including the Department of Conservation and Recreation, American Forests, and Arbor Day Foundation.

We continue to grow and branch out with new collaborations and programs. Reach out – we’d be eager to work with your organization too!

Our Impact: Our Roots Run Deep

Our community work focuses on strengthening the power of Boston’s urban trees to heal, support, and build community. Our annual reports highlight our impact through each year.

Annual Reports


  • Teens identifying a street tree Teens identifying a street tree. Photo: SFTTB

    “We are very grateful that Speak for the Trees was able to help our students learn about stewardship of their environment and explore careers in the new green economy.”

    Victoria Zhuang, Career Specialist at Boston Private Industry Council