Kaiden’s cherry tree

The story of our tree

My great nephew Kaiden always likes to help me do yard work, so in 2020 when I seen that Speak for the Trees-Boston was hosting a tree give away it reminded me of the story of the tree in front of our house on Dana Ave, in or around 1977 Mayor Kevin White was getting ready to run for re-election and his campaign office called our house and asked if my mother would support him in the election, she said she would support a tree on her sidewalk (she always wanted a tree on the sidewalk). Well that Sunday there was a tree on our sidewalk, the only tree on the sidewalk on the lower part of Dana Ave., it’s a great memory and a fun story when people ask why we are the only house with a tree on the sidewalk.

So in memory of my mother and Kaiden’s love for helping to do yard work, we applied for a tree and we were granted one, a young Yoshino Cherry Tree. When I told Kaiden we were getting a tree to plant he was ecstatic, every day he would ask if the tree came. The day it came he couldn’t get the shovel fast enough to plant it. He has watered and cared for it as the directions stated, now going on year 2 both Kaiden and the tree “Yoshi” have both grown so much. Thanks to Speaking for the trees-Boston and Keep Hyde Park Beautiful for not only giving us something to look forward to in our family’s future but also for giving us the chance to make such a great memory.

Now our family home on Dana Ave has two great tree stories.

-Mark Giannangelo  & Kaiden