Learning Opportunities Led by Our Staff

Work with us!

In addition to our classroom-based lessons designed for teachers to meet school standards, we also provide opportunities led by the SFTT Education staff. These opportunities include outdoor lessons, hands-on care activities, and field trips to green spaces. The activities below can be adapted to be offered to all grade levels.

Speak for the Trees has partnered with American Forests to provide community and student groups training on using the Tree Equity Score Analyzer tool. This tool enables users to assess the impact of tree planting plans and explore where to plant trees to have the greatest impact. This training occurs over two sessions, with the first instructing participants on how to use TESA and the second explaining how to plan for a potential tree planting properly.

If you’re looking for a volunteer event, community service opportunity, or field trip, we would love to offer you the opportunity to water street trees that desperately need it! This activity will allow you to learn about the importance of watering trees before getting a chance to do some of that work yourself.

This lesson will introduce students to the importance of tree care for urban trees. It is often forgotten that trees need consistent care after they are planted, and the goal of this lesson is to inform students why and how to care for trees. This particular lesson focuses on mulching and will be paired with an outdoor demonstration.

This lesson begins with a quick discussion on urban forestry, tree blindness, and why trees are so important before leading students in a nature collage workshop. The collages will be made using regular art materials and recycled materials, such as leaves, twigs, and acorns.




The Speak for the Trees Education Team is currently working on developing a long list of tree walks in green spaces near BPS sites! We aim to develop a long list of tree walks for parks or other green spaces near BPS sites. If you are interested in having us develop a walk near the school you attend, work at, or have family members attend, please reach out, and we will work on developing such a walk.