Fall Benefit:

Branching Out for Our Future

Planting Trees, Nurturing Communities

At Speak for the Trees we care about trees because they care for us.

Trees provide numerous benefits: they clean our air, cool our neighborhoods, mitigate flooding, and provide a sense of belonging and respite. Yet, due to historic and system racism, trees in urban areas are inequitably distributed: wealthier and whiter communities tend to have higher tree canopy coverage than low-income communities and communities of color.  This “tree inequity” has real-life consequences: hotter streets, increased asthma rates, higher levels of heart disease, and higher electrical bills, to name a few.

We work to build tree equity by educating residents, advocating for better policies and increased funding, and planting and distributing hundreds of trees in neighborhoods where they’ll have the biggest impact. Our 2023 annual report, Cultivating Connections, highlights our successes from last year.

We are now at a critical juncture in our growth. Our first strategic plan, Guiding Our Growth, was released earlier this year. Our three year plan recognizes the opportunity for growth in staffing, programming, partnerships, and operations.

That’s why we’ve set the goal of raising $125,000 at our benefit event. Your sponsorship is critical to help us meet the moment to and build a more resilient Boston.

By sponsoring this event, you demonstrate your business’s commitment to environmental sustainability and resiliency in Boston and gain significant exposure among our diverse audience of local environmental advocates, community leaders, and attendees who all understand the power of trees and the need to build a more racially, socially, and environmentally just city.

In a planet beset by increased temperatures and social divisions, trees are a critical tool for building stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities. Perhaps more importantly, trees bring us together to grow, connect, and learn. We hope you too will come together with us on October 10 in this work.

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We're thrilled to be hosting a benefit event this fall. This event will be a celebration of trees and community and will showcase partners, supporters, and successes from the year. Paris Alston, from WGBH, will MC the event and we'll even be planting a tree!

Light refreshments and beer and cocktails will be served.

The event will be held at Southline at 135 William T Morrissey Blvd, in Dorchester (the old Boston Globe building). There's plenty of parking (and lots of EV charging stations!) and the venue is walking distance from the JFK stop on the Red Line.

  • Tickets are priced at $125 per person. This will include food, drink, celebration, and a great time!
  • Please make sure to bring your ID if you'd like to drink.
  • Casual attire.

  • Event starts at 5:30 p.m. with a tree planting.
  • From 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. we'll have time to mingle.
  • The program will run from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m.
  • Mingling will continue until 8:00 p.m.


Speak for the Trees is a registered 501(c)(3), EIN 82-5492599

All donations are tax-deductible, to the full extent allowed by law.

Checks can be mailed to:
60 Clayton Street, #201
Dorchester MA 02122