ArborWeek Seedling Giveaway 2022: Sign up today

In celebration of Arbor Week, April 24-30th, Speak for the Trees is offering Boston community groups, schools, and nonprofits free seedlings to distribute in their communities. This year we are providing the following species: white oak, tulip poplar, bald cypress, serviceberry, chinkapin oak, sweet gum, red mulberry, and Washington hawthorn. Each seedling will come in its own individual bag with planting instructions. Request your free seedlings by filling out the form below.

In exchange, we ask 3 simple of things of you:

  1. Advertise the event.
  2. Capture photos during the event and send them via email to
  3. Distribute information about our work during the event.

You can set up a table at a school, library, or someone’s front yard. You could even table at a Farmers Market or other event. The location and details of the event are up to you!

Please note – seedlings will likely be available on April 22nd. We will make arrangements with your group for pickup or dropoff.

We can’t wait to partner with you!