Set up a Facebook Campaign

Steps for Setting up a Facebook Campaign to Support Speak for the Trees, Boston

  1. First, click on “Fundraisers” under the Explore menu on the left panel of your Facebook home page.
  2. Next, click the blue button in the “Raise Money for a Nonprofit” box that says “Select Nonprofit”.
  3. A window will pop up with the option to search for “Speak for the Trees” and click on it to choose it as the nonprofit you’d like to raise money for.
  4. You can then fill in information about how much money you’d like to raise. Remember, every $100 gives the gift of a tree! You can choose whatever end date you like. Or, set the end date of your fundraiser to [the last day of this year].
  5. The following page will ask you to title your campaign and create a short blurb explaining why you are raising money for SFTT. You can input the following if you don’t want to make your own:

    This GivingTuesday, please join me in raising money for Speak for the Trees, my favorite new nonprofit in Boston. They have a wonderful, powerful, and REALLY important mission: to make Boston a healthier and more livable city for all residents by growing and improving the city’s tree canopy. With climate change promising more rain, hotter summers, and dirtier air, trees are vital; they bring people together, make a real difference in combating climate change on the local level, and build a healthier and more livable city. In 2021 SFTT has the goal of doubling its annual giving and having 200 people donate. I hope you can join me in supporting this great cause.

    Every $100 gifts a tree and every donation brings SFTT one step closer to their goal! Please join me in supporting their work.

  6. The final step will offer you a preselected cover photo to represent your campaign, and then you’ll finish up by pressing “Create.” That’s it! Thanks for helping us fill the city of Boston with more trees!