How to Help Trees Combat Boston’s Summer Heat

Tune in to a short discussion between our Executive Director David Meshoulam and Rob Lane, Associate Producer at WBUR, about
the heatwave’s effects on young trees in Boston and what local Bostonians can do to help.



Rob: Boston’s urban trees are struggling to survive amidst the drought conditions and scorching temperatures. David Meshoulam is with the nonprofit Speak for the Trees Boston. He says even under normal conditions, almost 40% of young city trees die off early. Now, as the heat gets more oppressive, he urges Bostonians to step up for their neighborhood tree.

David: Grab a hose or bucket full of water and water your tree once or twice a week if you can. I’d say, you know, minimum 15 gallons a week.

Rob: Meshoulam says healthy trees make people healthier as well by cleaning the air and helping keep neighborhoods cool.