Jamaica Plain Residents Saved the Big Oak Tree at 72 Hyde Park!

*This letter was sent to us from a group of residents in JP regarding the preservation of a big oak tree at 72 Hyde Park. Congrats on their amazing community advocacy!

Dear tree protectors,

We continue to celebrate our successful collective effort saving the big oak at 72 Hyde Park. The oak is now covered in its lush green summer foliage, leaves are rustling in the breeze and casting a cooling shade. Science might never prove that trees can feel happiness, but if they did, I am sure the oak would be smiling.

In the world of humans, on 5/2/24, the Boston City Council has passed a resolution for the oak: “The City Council extends its congratulations to Protectors of the Big Oak Tree in recognition of the good work of Jamaica Plain residents in fighting to protect the big 150 year old tree” and “extends its best wishes for continued success.” A big thank you to District 6 Councilor Ben Weber for this resolution! And thanks to all of you, all of us, for this collective effort.

Copies of the resolution will be on forever on display at the Wenham Street Cinema, at the the Free Little Library near Ken’s house, and in Caterina’s office. You all can print out your own copy too, and display it proudly wherever you’d like!

In the photos attached here you can see Councilor Weber presenting the resolution at a Wenham Street Cinema event last week, with FH residents Ben and Matt accepting the document on behalf of all of us tree protectors.

Matt and Amy were so overjoyed by this celebration of the oak, that very shortly after accepting the resolution for the oak they had a little sapling (aka a human baby) of their own! They are so happy that noisy tree-cutting crews won’t be disturbing the baby’s naps this summer.

-Caterina, Matt, and Ken