Teen Urban Tree Corps, Summer 2021

These teens created planting plans for 3 neighborhoods in Boston:

Stay tuned for more info and a full program report in the coming weeks.


Thanks to all those who visited and supported this program:

Reverend Mariama White-Hammond
Faye Rosin
Rachel Brinkman
Tiffany Enzenbacher
Scott Pedemonte
Lee Toomey
Jonathan Damery
Christine Carmichael
Nathan Phillips
Liz Luc Clowes
A.J. Elton
Frank Mastrobuono
Russell Holman
Kristina Bezanson
Zoe Davis
Maggie Owens
Ryan Woods
Phil Pherron
Jonathan Webb
Tawny Simisky
Max Ford-Diamond
Kristina Bezanson
Greg Mosman
Michelle Moon
Katie Atherton
Chris Gonzalez
Adam Crevin
Ian Smith
Erica Holm
Jen Ketel
Doak Marasco
Natalie Merline
Elizabeth Lohr
Judith Foster
Camy Olia
Meg Blagden
Bear LaVangie and Melissa LaVangie
Jessie Scott
Liz Miranda
Kenzie Bok

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